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This will be an entirely different form of email service than was previously proposed.

This will be an email alias and forwarding system, not a pop account, not web mail. For this to work you must have an existing email address. Once your username is submitted and is working all email sent to you at your-name@ulcmail.net will be forwarded to your existing email account with your ISP. You can then reply to the email using a profile that you set up on your own computer that indicates your-name@ulcmail.net address as your return address. Simple.

To make this happen you will need to submit your forum username, requested email address name, and email address where you want to receive your email. Use of this email forwading service is contingent upon your continued good standing in the ULC forums. If, for any reason, you lose your good standing with either of the ULC forums, your account here will also be deleted.

Note: This is available to all forum member of ULC Online Forum, ULC Monastery Forum, or the ULC Seminary Forum, ONLY after you have posted at least 100 posts and are still in good standing with the forum.

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What name can I use?
Suggested username formats would be:

You would want to avoid things like:

Will this work with web mail like {hotmail, yahoo, netscape}?
It will certainly work for receiving mail at your user-name@ulcmail.net address. What will not work is your user-name@ulcmail.net address being shown as your return email address. Web mail services will by default add your web mail address as the return address. If your web mail service is configurable, then you might be able to set your return address to soemthing other than your web services address.

Will this work with AOL?
Yes, you will be able to receive mail sent to your-name@ulcmail.net on your AOL mail account, but there is no way to configure AOL to send mail so that it appears to come from your-name@ulcmail.net

Try some of the methods on our AOL Hints and Tips page.

Will this work in countries other than the US?
Yes. It makes no difference where you are, only that you already have an email address with your ISP.

How much is this going to cost me?
Absolutely nothing. This service is being provided free of cost to members in good standing of the various ULC forums.

But I'm not a member of any ULC forums. Can I not get a ulcmail.net address?
At the present time I am only allowing members in good standing with one of the ULC forums to participate in this.

OK, I registered. Now What?
If your using a web mail service like yahoo or hotmail, then your done.

If your using a POP email client like Outlook Express or the Netscape Mail client, you can set up a second profile to use when sending email related to ULC.

In Eudora they are called personalities, and you can follow this tutorial at Eudora.com to help you create a new personality.

If your using any other POP email client check with the help screens of that program for any instructions that may assist you in creating another profile.

You will receive a confirmation email sent to your new email address.

What if I have problems?
If you encounter any problems you can contact me at admin@ulcmail.net

Donate to the cause
Donation is not required to use this service.
By Paypal!
By US Mail!

c/o Mark Taylor (mdtaylor)
P.O. Box 752
Montgomery, Texas 77356

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